Following the proposed massive protest against the Federal government which is pioneered by 2 Baba, Nigerian professor, Akindele Adetoye, has come out to lambast the singer over his actions.

In a new Facebook post, the professor slammed the singer asking him to govern his own personal life first before going against the government.

He wrote:






  1. We still have Educated illitrate who call themselves Prof but do not understand the principles of Democracy. I think he should still go back to school.

  2. I don’t know why some people wish to make themselves antagonist when in the real sense they know the truth. This prof have been in this country and he knows all that’s going on but, can’t change anything and here is this man who knows that something have to be done to turn things around but here is this other person who feels he knows him him too much. Well I ve no much to say prof. if you feel 2baba is not worthy to lead a protest feel free make yourself available and be the very change my people needs.

  3. Those words are way beyond the pales. Proff,sorry you shouldn’t have said such thing, perhaps you do not have your own past. Angel

  4. Are you a professor or what? You are the illiterate calling another person such name.

    Think about your past in 1. Secondary school
    2. University
    3. Even before your got your professorship.

    Prof. Akindele Adetoye, what about your children too.

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