5 hottest love making positions that drive women crazy (with photos)

5 hottest love making positions that drive women crazy (with photos)

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Sex positions are like formulas you need to create the desired effect you want during love making; in other words, they are the secret ingredients that determine whether you want good sex, great sex or crazy sex!

If you are looking for the best sex positions that ensure your woman gets just as much satisfaction from love making as you, with little discomfort, then you need to try out these 5 special positions women simply love:

1. Cow girl

The cow girl position is great for three main reasons – it is comfortable, allows deep penetration and puts the woman in charge! No wonder women love it so much. With the man lying on his back with his knees raised, the woman sits on him and rides her way to ecstasy. That way she is able to control speed and depth of penetration without discomfort. But remember, you need to stay erect long enough for her to reach climax if you really want to drive her crazy.

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2. Doggy style

The doggy style is loved by both men and women but it is undeniably one of the most intense sex positions known to men. The woman bends on all fours, while the man kneels and penetrates her from behind.

This position gives the man a good view of the action and leaves his hands free to fondle her while sex goes on. It also allows the man hit all the pleasure zones in a woman, as well as go as deep as possible – this is a sure way to drive a woman crazy!

3. The sea shell

This position is the hotter version of the well-known missionary position; the woman simply lies on her back with the man on top, but instead of having her legs down, she raises them up to rest on his shoulders. This angle allows deeper penetration and lets her guide his movement and pace with her free hands…don’t forget it also lets them make eye contact and kiss.

4. The spoon position

Just like the name implies, the couple get to assume the spooning position – they both lie on their sides with the man hugging her from behind. This position is very intimate and keeps them close to each other while he penetrates her from behind. His hands are also quite free in this position to touch and fondle her vital parts – what more can a woman ask for in bed? Except of course that you make the good feeling last long enough for her!

5. The reverse cow girl

This hot position is really similar to the cow girl, the only difference is instead of the woman to sit facing the man, she turns her back to him and rides him while holding his leg for support.

This position is hot because it not only allows deep penetration and gives the woman control over how the sex goes, but it also gives the man a great view of her backside while she does her dance of love!

Now that you know the hottest positions you need to try, do not forget to show up prepared!

These are not positions designed for men who only last one or two minutes, you need to go long enough to make the whole process memorable.

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