REVEALED: Fela Anikulapos’s Manpower & Bedroom Secrets, That Every Man Must Know

REVEALED: Fela Anikulapos’s Manpower & Bedroom Secrets, That Every Man Must Know

We all know the late maestro musician, Fela Anikulapo had numerous wives and gist has it that, he gave birth even at old age.

Then I use to imagine how a man as old as would have such energy to handle several women. Like most people I use to believe it was due to his too much intake of indian hemp, No I was totally wrong; so many men take same thing and don’t even satisfy their wife let alone lots of women.

So how did Fela do it?

It was still a mystery because then I could not last more than 3 minutes on bed.

Not until I and a close friend paid a visit to his grandpa of over 85 years of age.

He took out 30 Minutes to advise me and my friend about Sex, Marriage and Money when I last visited him and to be sincere with you, this old man made perfect sense on several issues discussed.

After all if you try to think about it, your grandpa has had more time with women than you do.

Even without much, you will agree with me that experience beats potential in this category, right?

Now here is the 3 Important Advice I got from this old man about how you could be a better lover to your partner. (Oh… It’s not all about sex!)

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1. “Always leave your lady Satisfied after sex at all times.”

I sat wandering if this one secret was the reason why he and his wife loved up for so long without any noticeable rancor?

I have followed this secret all my life since I heard it. If you want to keep your woman, be it your wife, girlfriend, etc and get her not to ever look outside, you must always satisfy her first.

Before you even start penetrating with your well-crafted dick which you can achieve have acquired through the use of the Japanese made oil i talked about here, ensure that you use the basic foreplay tactics to raise her excitement level.

At this point, you can drive her to ecstasy without so much energy.

It works all the time, even for someone who is suffering from premature ejaculation or Small Dick Syndrome

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Personally I have been able to Use a 2-in-1 Solution to increase my sexual prowess and have any girl to beg me to cum, I cannot remember the last time I spilled without leaving the lady satisfied.

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2. “Do it like the old guys and slow down”

Let’s not get all too Vin Diesel-ish here and go Fast and Furious on sex. Sometimes, we believe that sex is all about getting a girl in bed and doing whatever you want to do.

If you ask this grandpa about that, he would most likely say that there is more to sex than doing the deed. Don’t rush it. Slow down. Be an explorer and discover hidden erogenous zones in your partner’s body. It will all be worth it. After all, you don’t want her to leave because you are a bad lover, right?

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Let me take you back to the first point he raise, which was “Leaving your lady satisfied!

It took me some time to know when a lady is sexually satisfied and what it takes to satisfy a lady in bed but I will tell you what I got to discover.

I was a bad lover because more than often, I left my partners frowning after sex and even the few that didn’t want me to feel bad about my situation, it was always obvious they had a disappointing outing with me.

In Sex or better said in lovemaking a lot matters.

It takes a longer time to get a lady into the mood that will make her get to satisfaction and even
when penetration, you must still be able to spend some time in that act.

I was what people call a 3 minute man and even when I got this advice from this 85 year old Grandpa, It only helped me in understanding how important foreplay is.

But that wasn’t the solution, I was still finding it hard to last once I penetrate.

It felt like all the blood in my body where rushing to my dick head and forcing me to spill everywhere as a poor loser.

It took me years to find a solution like the Libiron Herbal Capsule before I could finally be a complete man.

Libiron came as a Total cure to my quick ejaculation and this came after everything I had tried under the sun wasn’t working.

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But none worked!

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So the enlargement oil guarantees to help you increase your man-hood by at least 2 inches in 2 weeks and it works amazing well when used with Libiron Herbal treatment because it effects both Internal and external treatment.

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And remember the first sex secret that 85 year old grandpa; Always Leave her satisfied after sex
at ALL times!

Peter Adeyemi

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