This Towel Hanging Exercise Increases Your Manhood Size in Less Than 2 weeks

This Towel Hanging Exercise Increases Your Manhood Size in Less Than 2 weeks

This Towel Hanging Exercise Increases Your Manhood Size in Less Than 2 weeks

There are some facts that I have learnt over the years about how the penis system works and I think you should know them as well.

The first thing you need to know is that there are 4 types of gainers when it comes to penis growth.​

Before I continue, for the sake of those just reading my articles here..

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When I say gainers, I mean ability to increase in size. So, specifically, there are 4 groups of men in this case.​

Here they are:​

4 Kinds of Penis Size Gainers​

* There are men who are able to easily increase both length and girth of their penis fast.​

* There are men who can easily increase the length of their penis.​

* There are men who easily increase the girth (thickness) of their penis and….​

* There are men who are slow at increasing both length and girth of their penis.

So how do you know which of the 4 groups you belong to?​

Well, you can’t until you start trying it out.​


There are also 2 groups of men with it comes to their penis sizes when it is flaccid and
when it is erect.​

Here they are:​

Are You a Grower or a Shower?​

A “grower” refers to men with small flaccid penis that grows when it is erect.​

The average flaccid size of a grower is usually around 0 to 25 percent of its erection level.​
​ ​
A “Shower” refers to men whose penis are big at flaccid levels and doesn’t enlarge much upon erection.​

The average flaccid size of a shower is generally about 50 -60%, 79% of men are growers and 21 percent of men are showers.​

I hope this gives you the answer to some of the questions you may have at the back of your mind as regards the size of your own penis.​

Let me now move on to the towel hanging trick that can help you to get a bigger and stronger penis.​

This towel hanging trick is one of the exercises that i practice before discovering the handsome up, its still working.​

How to Apply the Towel Hanging Trick Exercise​

NOTE – To do this towel hanging exercise, your penis must be erect.​

Here are the Simple Steps Involved:​

STEP 1 – Hang a small towel over the erect penis.

STEP 2 – Use the erect penis to raise the penis, then lower it, then raise it up again.

STEP 3 – Repeat this 10 times daily.​

There you go!​

So easy to do….You can go ahead and start try the workout now…​

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