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Nigerian Lady shows off her jaw-dropping weight loss transformation and it’s the best thing you’ll see today. (video)


A Nigerian lady, identified simply as Divine, has caused a significant buzz on social media after showcasing her incredible weight loss transformation.

In a video shared online, Divine shared videos of herself before embarking on her weight loss journey and revealed that she felt sad and depressed about her physical appearance.

She said she often saw herself as someone else whenever she looked in the mirror. According to her, she turned to food as a coping mechanism because she felt overwhelmed by her weight.

However, one day, she decided to take charge of her fitness journey after realizing that nobody could save her except herself.

She began working out and lifting weights at home, and fortunately, she started noticing the results of her commitment and dedication to losing weight.

Divine shared videos of her current physique and she clearly looks slimmer and fitter with a flatter tummy compared to her previous appearance.

However, she didn’t reveal the timeline of the videos so it’s currently not clear how long it took her to achieve her weight loss goal.

The clip has sparked a flurry of sweet reactions on social media, with many commending her new look.

Read some comments below,

@angel_osuma wrote, “She became younger”

@vera_daberry wrote, “You did well for yourself. Weight loss journey isn’t for the faint hearted. It takes lots of discipline and consistency”

@victoiree wrote, “I’m sure she’s much more happy with her body and how she looks can we now all agree to dead that body positivity BS and start taking more responsibility for our health and how we look going forward”

Watch the video below,


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