Home Viral “Nigerian men will d£$trøy you with rizz” – Lady shares romantic experience

“Nigerian men will d£$trøy you with rizz” – Lady shares romantic experience


A Nigerian lady shared how Nigerian men have the ability to attract a sexual partner after she experienced the romantic treatment she got from a man she met recently.

Narrating her experience on Twitter (X), the lady tweeted they met on a night out and had a conversation she really enjoyed. They exchanged numbers and went their separate ways but he texted her after the night.

In the tweet, she explained how she received a call from a delivery company, who claimed the items were from him. The daily delivery lasted for a week and came with special treatment and luxury goods.

The lady mentioned she texted him first and appreciated his kind gesture.

She wrote;

“Nigerian men will destroy you with rizz. Had a conversation with a man I just met on a night out that I quite enjoyed. We exchanged numbers and left. He didn’t bother texting me. I’d just get a call each morning from a delivery co. that I have a delivery from him. Lasted 7 days 

Ended up being the one to text him first to say thank you looooool. The delivery each day was always different. Ranged from a spa day to luxury goods. Dirty December won”

See the tweet below;


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