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Nigerian Man Raises Alarm As Renewed Cult War Claims Lives of Two Men In Benin City


A Nigerian man named Lawrence Okoro has taken to social media to Raise Awareness on the escalating violence in Benin City.

He shared a video of two men who were recently killed in a renewed cult clash.

The distressing incident has sparked concerns about the increasing loss of young lives in the area.

The victims, identified as Denco and Ariba, were tragically attacked at a drinking parlour located at Igun junction by Igbesanmwan and Oza streets, off Sokponba Road in Benin.

This latest incident follows a state of violence that plagued the city during the previous festive season, during which more than 30 people, including a journalist and vigilante heads, lost their lives in a bloody cult war between the Black Axe and Supreme Eiye Confraternities.

In the wake of these senseless killings, Lawrence Okoro voiced his concerns, speaking on the urgent need for attention and action from the government.

He spoke on the frequent rate at which lives are being lost in Benin City due to consistent cult-related violence and called for action and necessary measures to put an end to this ongoing situation.

The alarming situation has generated a lot of attention online, with netizens, clamoring for the government’s intervention.


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