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“When a woman makes money… she is to submit it to the husband” – Nigerian man


A Nigerian man by the name of Emediong Sunday has shared via his page on Facebook that women are to submit the money they make to their husbands.

According to him, the husband is the leader of the home and he is also in charge of managing the finances of the home.

Mr Sunday believes that women are not responsible for handling the affairs of the home and they should be totally submissive to their husbands.

He wrote;

“When a woman makes money… she is to submit it to the husband.. and the husband who is the leader of the house will decide how they can utilize, manage and use the money towards their goal and that of the family.”

The post however has sparked different reactions from users on the platform, while some agreed with him, others found his opinion unreasonable and criticized him for saying such.

Below are some of the comments,

@Chituru Asiegbu:  Men will always look for a way to put their problems on women

@Geraldine Ike:  Tufiakwa unu, this submission don see shege for una hands

@Chinnie Goldenpen:  So that’s what submission means to you? Just dey play

@Maxwell Chuks:  I no support this o, let her utilize her money abeg.

@Taiwo Esther:  God don’t let me meet men like this in my life


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